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plumbing tips


Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal smells, alternately add slices of 1 whole lemon and a cup of ice cubes while it's running.
Use cold water with the garbage disposal, this solidifies the grease helping it flush through the system and not stick in your pipes.
Put potato peals in the trash. We unclog more disposals after Thanksgiving than all the other days combined.
Pasta and sauerkraut will also make it almost impossible to clean out a plugged drain line, put those into the trash rather than the disposal.


Preventing Freeze Breaks & Frozen Pipes

If you're going on vacation in the winter, don't turn your heat off!! This will freeze your pipes and they'll burst and break when your home warms back up. (Unfortunately we've had customers learn this the hard way.)
When the weather is expected to be below freezing, disconnect your outdoor hoses.


Preventing "Mystery" Leaks

The most common source of leaks from upstairs to downstairs (through the ceiling) is poor caulking in the shower or bathtub.
Locate water and drain lines before hanging a picture/mirror or placing cabinets and vanities (nails & screws can make holes in pipes).


Keep Your Pipes Clean

Store bought drain cleaners can help un-clog a drain, but they can also destroy your pipes. A corroded pipe can be very expensive to replace!
Use an Earth friendly product like Bio-Clean.
Roots can create havoc in your main sewer line. Retard root growth - use Root-ex.
Don't throw trash down the toilet or the sink. You can't believe some of the things we've found stuck in a toilet or sink line.


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